Friday, February 3, 2012

Adorable Cats and Hipster River

    Two blogs in one day. For all the no ones out there keeping track. Earlier, I had a whole procrastination blog. Which, you know, can be cool. I guess. But I don't really feel like that's a legit post, you know? Though sometimes it feels like the internet is just sitting on top of my computer, being like the cat in this picture.                              This one. Right here. v   v  v  v v v  v  v
 Aren't kitties so adorable? Awww. I post pictures of kitties to my sisters wall all the time. Actually, I went to my sister's wall, (to post moar piktures), and I had pretty much filled up her entire wall. It was beautiful.

I am so easily amused. Especially the more tired I get. It's sad, actually. I'll just be sitting there, scrolling down through whatever site I'm on (normally tumblr if I'm at home, DeviantArt or Pintrest if I'm at school. Tumblr's blocked at school for some lame reason. Just cause naked people sometimes come up. Psh.) So, I'll be sitting there. Sometimes I'll just be by myself. And I'll see something, and just start laughing. And then I get weird looks. Even when I'm alone, I feel like my teddy bears are looking at me funny. :/ Who are they to judge me? It's fucking hilarious!

Maybe I have a problem. It's probably already been diagnosed and categorized somewhere off in the interwebs. I'll just pretend like it's completely normal. My teddy bears will just have to get over themselves.
All the pictures were found on Pintrest. Except the River Song one (Hipster + Doctor Who= Greatness). I found that on Tumblr, I think. Pretty sure.

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