Tuesday, November 19, 2013

An actual blog post with actual words :or: How can you not like the thing?

After a couple months of long inaction except sharing some of my homework stuff, I am finally posting a thing about how I feel about other things.

Cause I have feelings that I want to share and junk.

So, as a Digital Media Arts student who is expected to immerse her self in good media, I often hear people say, "How can you not have seen this? You aren't a real DMA student! You make me sad. You need to see this! Your life is incomplete. Your life isn't complete until you've seen this!"

Um. Excuse me. Who the fuck are you to judge my life, or the quality of my life, because I haven't seen something that you qualify as "amazing." There are a shit ton of things I've never experienced that could impact my life, or make my life complete that I will never get to experience. And this is not my fault, or the fault of people around, but just things where the opportunity may never come up, or maybe it won't even cross paths with me.

Now, I love the Labyrinth. I really really adore it. My good friend Amanda hasn't seen, and she doesn't really care to. She's just not interested from what she's seen of it. But the other day, she mentioned this, and someone else practically had an aneurysm over it, because Amanda's life was not complete, and it was their childhood, and how could Amanda not have seen it, it's so good blah blah.

This next bit is going to seem a bit off topic at first, but it'll make sense in the end.

I like to wear makeup. It's a thing that I just enjoy. When I don't wear makeup, I feel weird. Not as in an "I'm so naked, no one look at me I have nothing on my face" weird, but as in a, "Man, I really miss how my eyeliner and mascara create this effect and my lips look hella fine in this shade." I especially like wearing lip liners, and I could go on and on about lip liners. But the point I am trying to get at is this; I would never say some one else's life is lacking because they have never worn lip liner.

How presumptuous would I sound if I said that? Especially about something that doesn't even fucking matter. And the thing that really gets me, that really pisses me off, is that sometimes these things never entire our world, through absolutely no fault of our own, and people still act indignant that we've never seen the thing.

Back to the lip liner metaphor, it'd be like saying "You've never used lip liner? But you NEED to wear it, your life isn't complete until you've worn lip liner, this makes me sad, lip liner means so much to me.!"

Here's the thing; if you want to wear lip liner, or watch certain movies or tv shows, or listen to a certain type of music, go for it. Fucking go for it, and enjoy it, and don't apologize about it. And if you've never seen a thing, or don't like certain things, then don't worry about it. If you want to experience it, then go forth and do so. If you have no interest in it, then don't bother.

Life is too short to waste time watching films you don't like because some asshole think's you are missing out.

Life is too short to listen to things you don't care about.

Life is too short to not go for broke.

To live would be an awfully big adventure, so don't waste time you could be spending on things you want to do because some one else thinks you NEED to do a certain thing.

Yeah Vintage album covers!

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