Friday, July 18, 2014

Cutie Patootie

Blckwdw by purplypanda20 on deviantART


I have a friend who doesn't like gifts
And it makes no sense to me
Cause seeing people I love happy
Means the world to me

I'm a selfish person
And my friends happiness is my favorite thing
And if it costs me a dollar for a pop from a gas station 
To just put a smile on their face
Or a cheap coffee at 3 in the morning to make them feel a bit better 
About the shit ton of work they still have to do
I think it's worth it

They gift me with their presence 

I want to make them happy
And when I'm broke 
And it feels like I just bum around them all
It kills me a bit inside
And I kinda want to cry
Cause my friends deserve the fucking world 
And if I want to give them it all
Starting with a half gallon of chocolate milk
Or some oreos