Monday, July 30, 2012

Still don't have anything to ramble about so picture spam time!

 I found most of these on Pinterest, and couple on Tumblr... I didn't find anything that said "Do not use", so if you know that this is someone's picture or what have you, and they wouldn't want it on here, please let me know, and I'll take it off.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Are you my mummy ::or:: I'm a Whovian now, Whovians are cool.

I was watching one of the more heart breaking episodes of Doctor Who again. You know the one. "He will knock 4 times.," "The Doctor must take up arms," "I don't want to go." I realized something for the first time. Something I feel is vaguely significant. He will knock four times. I don't think the oods were talking about the Master. The Master didn't do any knocking. Yes, there were the drumbeats in his head. But I don't think that's what the oods were talking about.

I'm pretty sure they were talking about Wilfred. It explains so much more about how the Doctor acted. He knew if he switched places with Wilfred, he was securing the fact that he was about to regenerate. He confuses poor Wilfred, and even though I never doubt that he'll end up making sure Wilfred gets out safe and sound and back to Donna, the Doctor thinks about all the things he could still do. All of time and space waiting to be seen, to be witnessed. But he hears those four knocks and he answers.

And let me just say how much I love that the last two people he sees are his bestie, and Rose. He just looks so very happy to see Rose one last time, smiling and happy. I don't always ship, but when I do, I ship Rose and Ten.

While I'm sad I won't see Ten again till the next time I re watch all the Who seasons, I'm super happy, because my favorite episode is coming up. Van Gogh was my favorite artist before the Doctor, and Vincent and the Doctor just confirmed and re-established that favoritism by over nine thousand. Plus I love Amy.

And, more episodes with the weeping angels!! They're my favorite baddies. Which is weird, cause mannequins freak me out, and now angel statues freak every one else out, but I love them. Seriously, I want to get a weeping angel statue, put it behind a tree somewhere on campus, and move it bit by bit every so often. See how long till people notice.

On another note: I am about to start reading the Deathly Hallows. I need to prepare myself for feels concerning Tonks, Fred, Remus, and Moody. Not to mention the feels for everyone they left behind. Especially George. He was so young, and his twin is gone from him. He'll never have another Fred :( ROWLING, WHY YOU KILL THREE OUT OF FOUR OF MY FAVORITES. Though if we bump Oliver Wood, Seamus Finnegan, and Luna Lovegood up, the average gets a bit better. It's still sad, though.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Loving. ::or:: Treating others fairly

So, you may or may not know this, but it's election year. Yaaayyy Murrica. Three cheers for the red white and blue England. One thing that has come up ALOT amongst the people I know who are on Face book, is their hatred of our current President, Barack Obama. Now, it's totally fine to not like some one. That's cool. You don't have to like everyone. Try to love them anyways, yes, but you don't have to like them. But these people, especially the conservative ones, take the piss out of him all they can. And that pisses me off. This man is our leader. He's responsible for all of us. Our well being. they make rolls of toilet paper with his face on every square, talk about how they're going to get a watermelon with his face drawn on it and the smash it with a sledge hammer, and then complain about how he's screwed us over? Obama may be so busy fucking running our country to see the things about him on the internet, and I doubt he Facebook stalks all the Americans everywhere, but if the stuff the Obama despisers say about him were said about me, I'd want to screw them over too. Not only that, but what if his daughters or his wife are on the internet and see that? This is the man they love, this is their father, their husband. This isn't just about you not liking someone then. This is about you hurting someone who is loved by his family.

I'm cool with being American. Don't worry, I know that I'm blessed. But people say stuff like, "This man's ruining our country!" And I'm just kind of over here like, "Whelp. Time to move to Switzerland." I don't want to be part of a country where we blame one man for screwing the rest of us over. Guess what? It takes two to tango. (I don't know if that's an applicable colloquialism but it has alliteration, so I'm sticking with it.) Now, I'm not the most political savvy person out there. But there is a reason he is our president. It is called voting. Which means, he had to have the majority votes. So those people had a hand in ruining our country too. He's also not alone in his leadership. There's the Cabinet, the House of Representatives, the Senate. I'm sure at times our dear president has just said yes or know to something that really these people are behind, or he was outvoted or something. So add them to the "ruined America" list. There's foreign policy, getting oil from out of the country, so many factors. And then there's the rest of Americans. You may resent Obama for not being the best president, but have you ever stopped to think, "maybe I could do more?" Everything I see is about waiting for Obama to get kicked out of office. Surely there could have been more they could have done. Participated in a rally. Signed a petition. Try emailing the people who represent us.

This has turned into a rant, but
what I really wanted to talk about is loving. If I can be known as one thing, I want to be known as someone who loves. I mean, I'm not always good at it. I fail repeatedly. Oh my celestia, do I fail. But I try. And it hurts when I see people taking the piss out of people. It's not okay. Words have an effect, and a picture is worth a thousand words, so do you really need that picture up that puts down that person? We're so hard on them. And prolly about 90% we're putting down people we don't even know. It's not okay. My mom was looking at some picture of Selena Gomez the other day, I think it came up on her Facebook. And she started saying stuff like, "Is she no longer a good roll model? It's so sad... I liked her?" I think I snapped a bit, and said something like, "You really have no right to be disappointed in someone you don't even know." Selena Gomez is one of my celebrity crushes. I adore her. She kind of gave me a dirty look, but honestly, we don't have a right. These people are still people. The moment you make them 'a good role model', it's almost like you take away their freedom to make mistakes. They're just people like you or me, but it's kind of like we put them on a pedestal, and then are super disappointed when they get off this pedestal that they never put themselves on in the first place. 

And even on a local setting with the people we know, we could be more loving. This is the part where I fail the most. If there's someone I don't like, or feel uncomfortable around, or even just don't know what to do around them, I kind of block them out. I don't really respond to them if I can help it. And I hate myself for it. It's not right, and I feel horrible about it after, but when I'm in the moment, all I can think is "Don't come near me. Don't talk to me. Don't touch me." And I want to get better, I really do. I want to be a person who loves. I'm trying my best. If we all just loved each other, the world would be so much better. It's hard to want to screw over someone you love. Cause when you really love someone, you put them ahead of you. I mean, you still look out for yourself, you shouldn't just be a push over. But if there's something bothering them, you should focus on them, not yourself. If they want to do something you aren't a fan of or disapprove of, you shouldn't give them the ten reasons why it's not a good idea. Odds are, if they really want to do it they've already researched it, looked it all up, have pros and cons lists. Things we want and the things we love have a way of becoming a part of us. If you're taking the mickey out of someone who personal example wants a tattoo, or you're telling them why it's a horrible idea, or even if you just quietly disapprove of it, that person can feel like you're telling them they're stupid. That you disapprove of them as a person.

We're defensive about the things we love. They have a way of sneaking into our hearts and making their home there. And that's the way it should be, not forced. Like John Green says in The Fault in Our Stars: "I fell in love the way you fall asleep. Slowly, and then all at once." It shouldn't be obvious till you already love it. It's like eating a new food, you may like how it looks, how it's presented, how it smells, but you can't truly say you love that food till you've tried a couple bites. And even then you only know if you like it or not.

Now that I feel like I've wrapped that up fairly nicely, I'd like to present some reasons why I'm a fan of Obama:
Firstly: He's a fan of the Avengers. Anyone who's a friend of the Avengers is a friend of mine

Secondly: He "released" his birth video, and then made sure to tell Fox News it was a joke.

Thirdly: This video, which was not done by Obama, as far as we know but is still so good.

Fourthly and finally: He's a human being. And he deserves love, just like the rest of us. 

I'd like to end this with a clip from Juno. Because that movie makes me super happy, and I haven't watched it in a while.
Unfortunately, while I'd like to, it's not letting me, so here's the link if you are so inclined: HERE

Well, since I wasn't able to end with Juno, PICK UP LINE TIME

 Oliver Wood would be my crush if I were at Hogwarts. <3

Monday, July 9, 2012

All the peoples everywhere.

This should just be a short lil post, unless I start rambling. Which is something that happens alot, but I shall try to restrain myself.

I love when the stats for my blog show that there are viewers from outside the US. It's great. I mean, I don't know how any one stumbles on my blog, I've tried not to share it except with some friends, or overly spam it. But it's amazing knowing there are people who live on almost the other side of the world from me and they're reading my thoughts. It's mind blowing! I'm just a small town girl who lives in one of the least glamorous states EVER, and has a dirty mind and a somewhat juvenile sense of humour. But people still at least look for a tiny bit at what I have to say. It's crazy.

Also, this past week I was at a college in Illinois, and they have a choir called the Orpheus choir. Which seems like a really depressing name for a choir... I mean it's a great name if you want to go down to the underworld to try to bargain with Hades to get your wife back from the dead. The ending isn't very optimistic, but it would be a challenge....

I think I'll try to wrap this up here. With, of course, pick up lines. Part of that great sense of humour, am I right?  No? .....