Thursday, August 23, 2012

School starts super soon :or: Mo' Picture Spam

So, I've been anxiously awaiting for school to start again as I've had a pretty boring summer. And I really missed everybody. People are already starting to come back!! But, as I've just been meandering through my summer, I haven't had a ton to blog about, but I have been stocking up pictures. Pictures which I wish to share. With y'all. You're welcome.

I have added a new person to my list of favorite people who are wonderful and perfect and even though I don't know them I'm so happy they exist. And the person is CARRIE HOPE FLETCHER. She's amazing and wonderful. Her YouTube channel name is ItsWayPastMyBedTime.

I'm counting the Pride and Prejudice quote as the pickup line for this post. Cheers <3

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