Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Coffee and Tattoos :or: General Excitement

Alrigthy. First off, let me just say, I am typing this from my brand new Macbook, which I have lovingly named Benedict Tom Cuddleston. Cuddleston for short.

Now then. I have a random, vaguely irrational, but strong desire to own and run a coffee shop. I just do. Someday, I really hope I make this a reality. But I was just thinking about how I want a tattoo, multiple tattoos, as I was scrolling down Pinterest. And I was thinking how someday, I want to own a nice small coffee shop. And how nice it would be if it were right next to a tattoo parlor. Wait, what? I know, it shocked me too. Sometimes my mind just thinks things, and then 5 minutes later I realized what I thought. I just think it would be really nice. Of course, I also think it would be nice to be next to a quaint old bookstore, that just has that great bookstore feel. If this was all in Paris, that would be great too, but let's keep it kind of realistic for now.

But how great would it be to be right next door to place were people get to put art on their skin? I adore tattoos, and not just tattoos I want, but tattoos other people have. Plus, some of those lovely art-ed up people might come in to my humble little coffee shop. And I could admire the art.

Plus, if they just got it done, I would give them a free drink if they showed it to me. This place is only an idea in my head, and already I'm thinking of promotional deals, and shit. I might be putting the cart ahead of the horse a bit. Or a lot.

Unrelated, I've been in a Never Shout Never mood yesterday and today. Maybe it's the cloudy over tones outside, but I just want to listen to some Christopher Drew Ingle.



I'm feeling pretty sad about potentially not being able to buy the Hunger Games as soon as it comes out, on account that I'm poor as fuck :( Not to mention the Avengers!!

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