Thursday, August 2, 2012

Blessed and Clumsy :or: I have the best friends anyone could ask for

This week has been awesome. I've gotten to see some wonderful people that I haven't in super long, AND... I'm getting a Macbook soon. I've also felt so fucking clumsy. Like, I got stains on a BRAND NEW SKIRT twice the first time I wore it. TWICE. I was at this frozen yogurt place for my sister's birthday (she's getting old. Halfway to 50), and I went to add some whipped cream, cause you know, why not? And it spluttered. I've dropped stuff. I got some blood drawn for blood work/tests and almost passed out. (Though, really, who needs FOUR FUCKING VIALS OF BLOOD anyways? There's got to be a better way than to draw out my blood.) 

So. I've felt like my week has been awesome. I got to see my Amanda, and Danni, and Danielle, and Kelsey, and on Friday I'm going to see another friend! And we shall sit and drink coffee and chat, and I shall try not to Instagram my Starbucks... I only recently got a phone that can use Instagram. I like it. Lots. But on the other hand, it's like I need to be clumsy to almost counter balance it. Maybe I can't just go from having no social life to seeing bunches of people without having a bunch of super awkwardness somewhere in my life. I'm super happy I finally have something to talk about though!

I would like to add, about the blood drawing... It was supposed to be a non fasting blood work, but since I hadn't eaten since before 7:30 that morning, and my mom wanted to get it done before we went to Subway, it turned into fasting. Which may have been a large part of the reason I almost fainted. (But I didn't! I didn't black out! ....I was close. But I didn't!) Plus, four vials. FOUR VIALS. My blood is supposed to stay in my body, thank you very much. Gah. I hate having blood drawn or getting injections/vaccinations. And people wonder why I don't give blood.

And now the part you've all been waiting for.... PICK UP LINE TIME

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