Thursday, August 9, 2012

I'm a sucker for clever renditions of my favorite stories

THIS IS SO FUCKING GOOD. I don't even... How do they? He even mentions Kathryn De Bourg! So wonderful.

Okay. That's all. An entire post for this video because I AM IN LOVE. Who needs to find the love of your life when you can read about other people doing it? Ahem.

Also I'm really craving any food that's delicious. Anything. A donut, a hamburger, fries, MOUNTAIN DEW, cupcakes, bread, MOUNTAIN DEW. ....Mountain Dew's really important to me. I can't eat most of the delicious bad for you foods at least not for a bit, and then I still can't eat everything all the time. Though that might be gross. I have super bad bad cholesterol. Like, my mom broke the news by telling me I'm a heart attack waiting to happen. Which I don't believe is how people are supposed to break news. But c'est la vie. Anyways, I'm supposed to eat as little starch and sugar as possible. Which is super fucking HARD. I really like eating and food, you guys. In one of my favorite books (a Ring of Endless Light by Madeline L'Engle) There is this quote I adore. "Eating is an affirmation that you're alive." Eating as in wanting to eat, and liking to eat, and enjoying the food. Because, food is first of all, delicious. And secondly, it's beautiful. It can take hours to prepare and make some stuff, but it's wonderful. It's something you can make for yourself! And then bask in your success. Or cry over a messy kitchen, but whatever.

Though today I did eat some Subway. Because I thought I brought a bowl of tuna for lunch, (excellent source of protein) ANND turns out I grabbed guacamole. Yah. Since that, well yummy when paired with chips, would not keep me full till I go home and eat dinner, I ran out to get sustenance. I was going to go to McDonald's and get something, but they were packed. So I went to Subway, which must be at least a bit healthier. A bit.


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