Thursday, June 28, 2012

Double Standards :or: Mmmm Smexy bodies

A friend of mine posted a link to this blog/post thingy. And it intrigued me, not only because I've had a tiny little secret desire to see Magic Mike, but also because I've noticed the double standards elsewhere. For those of you who didn't click the link and have no idea what I'm talking about, the post is about female's reactions to the movie, Magic Mike, which is about some male strippers. Honestly, I don't even know if it has a plot. But with Channing Tatum's abs, is a plot really necessary?

My last sentence may or may not have been meant ironically (but seriously, he has GREAT ABS) Now, this kind of sentence came from the type of person with balls, he might get a reprimand. If he were to comment on a movie about female strippers, and the actors being fit, it might come off a bit sexist or pervy. You know? Which I think is unfair. Now, I really have no clue what makes a girl "hot" or "fit" in the eyes of a guy. I really don't. Though I imagine it differs from male to male. I mean, one guy might see big tits, and think, "Oh wow, hello there." Others might not care about that at all, and instead be an ass man. Or they might be attracted to a fine pair of eyes in a pretty face. I honestly have no idea. I mean, my celebrity crushes are different than my friends celebrity crushes, which must mean we are attracted to different things. For instance, my main celebrity crush is Darren Criss. Especially when his hair's all loose and curly and he has a beard. Mmmm. Just mmm. So lovely. He's also got a very nice body. Well. At least torso/arms/legs. And ass. And face. But I digress. 

It seems unfair that men "get in trouble" (so to say) for this kind of behavior, while women don't. Men can't look at women's bodies and appreciate them, but women get a free pass....? Women can be just as vulgar/perverted/dirty minded as men. There are women who masturbate (at least if the awesome webcomic Girls with Slingshots is true to life) Women who think about sex all the time. Women who don't see men as men so much as a thing with a cock that would feel so good inside them. So why this double standard?

Recently, something of this vein has been bothering me. You know of pintrest, I presume? I do believe I might have mentioned it before (and my super awesome board of potential tattoos) Now, here's the thing that irks me. Lots of people are motivated to loose wait/get healthy, and post motivational things. Not a big deal. In fact, I'm for that. If you want to get healthy, and mayhaps drop a couple pounds, go for it. All for it. You go guurrrrlll. But one of the things that is often posted are pictures of barely clothed women. I had brought this up with my mom, and she was all like, "It's just motivation!" No. No, no no, no. You see, alot of the pictures I've seen are pictures we'd give guys loads of crap for if it was on their pintrest. (Do guys have pintrests? Point still stands) Look at these pictures. Looks at them. These are in the fitness section.

What person stands with their ass perfectly arched out like that? Honestly now. It makes for a very nice line, but honestly. And then there's the girl in the bikini. Yes, she has a nice body. But can you honestly say that if some guy you know had this picture on his facebook wall, you'd feel perfectly fine with it?

As a girl who has been raised in church since she was born, I've gotten modesty talks over and over again. We need to keep our tits hidden, we need to not dress slutty, we need to help our brothers out but not dressing provocatively. You know why? Because they're male, they have dicks, and they think with them. Well, it wasn't said like that, but you get the drift. (I just unintentionally made me laugh. Mid drifts are another thing to be kept under wraps. And by wraps, I mean clothes.) So. Most the people I know on pintrest are people who've either sat with me through such talks, or believe in mostly acting that way anyways. So why the fuck would they think it's okay to post stuff like this? I don't get it.

I'd rather it be all or nothing. I'd rather we all accept that sometimes we're attracted to people sexually, and sometimes we talk about a person as more as a really nice looking thing than as a person, or that we'd all just stop. Which would be super hard, not only for guys, but also for those who are going to be artists and doctors. You know? I believe the body is beautiful. (Maybe not cocks so much. Those are kind of icky looking, not going to lie.)  But it is beautiful, and it should be admired. Think upon great works of art. Like Michelangelo's David. I don't know if you know this, but that statue is completely in the buff. Nothing to hide. I think the big difference, between such a work of art and the photo's from pintrest, is how he's portrayed. He's not booty poppin'. He's not carved so his abs are the first thing you noticed. He's not giving off a smoldering look. He's there as a statue, not a carving of something overly sexual.

This is all my opinion. I could be sprouting complete and utter bullshit, for all I know. I just hate it when people talk about males as lecherous things who twirl their mustaches well fapping to pictures of almost nekked ladies. Women do it too. Maybe we don't fap to it. But we gush. We draw fanart. We drool. We go on and on about it. We kid about our ovaries exploding. We talk about wanting this or that person's babies. In a way, we kind of emotionally fap to them. Which could be just as bad.

After all that heavy talk about double standards, should I add a pick up line?
......Yes. But don't worry, I chose a super appropriate one. (Kind of. Just.... It's ironic, okay? Cause I'm just so hipster and all that shit.)

.....I'm such a lady. #sarcasm
So. If there's anyone out there who'd like to weigh in, tell me I'm wrong, agree with me, tell me I have nice tits, knock yourself out. As long as you aren't saying stuff like "I hate you!! Go kill yourself!", I'd love to hear what you think.

P.S. I'm off to watch some of the super awesome Lizzie Bennet diaries!! I made myself wait till I had finished my blog. If you want to watch the latest episode that I'm about to run off and squee about, hear ya go:

Edit: recently a friend told me this post was really explicit. I personally feel like maybe they missed the point. It's not about sex, or sexy times, or wanting to have sex. It was meant to be kind of an, we all have these thoughts, urges, feelings, whatever. But why is it expected of guys to have these thoughts, were as if girls have such thoughts, we just all laugh together, or we hide them? It's a part of being a human. Except for asexual people.


  1. Abi, you have really nice tits.

    And this is a really fucking nice blog post.

    1. D'aawwwww, thankies. :3 I've often felt comforted by the fact that I have nice tits...

      And I tried to make it a nice post, so your comment makes me super happy :3