Monday, June 4, 2012

The Angels have the phonebox; or my sister's birthday gift

 So, my sisters birthday is at the end of July, and normally I have no idea what to get her, and normally end up getting her money. But not this year! No! For I have had an idea.

 I have decided. I shall make a set of mugs, (well decorate a set of mugs.) And they shall be Doctor Who themed. If you don't know Doctor who, shame. Go out and get yo'self learned about this spectacular phenomenom. Though, you might get hooked. Out of all of my friends who've witnessed this lovely lovely show, only one has not fallen in love. (Apparently she doesn't like Sci-fy. She hasn't even seen Star Wars :/ But I love her anywho.)

These mugs will be a set of two. They'll both have "The angels have taken the phone box" quote on a side, and "Don't blink" in the very bottom of the mug. And then one of the mugs will have the Tardis, and the other will have a weeping angel.

I'm rather proud of this idea, too. I'm planning on doing it on Wednesday, so hopefully it turns out nicely.
 My family's just finished the forth season, with Donna. And I'm so proud to announce, they've grown to like her more than they originally did. They had thought she was annoying, which pissed me off a tiny bit, because she's my favorite. I mean, I love Rose, and I ship her and Ten like nothing else, I adore Amy and Rory, but Donna is just my favorite.

She's so compassionate, and yes, she can be loud, but she's so loving. She was willing to have her brain be burned out, just so she could stay with the Doctor. She knew how lonely he is. And she wanted to stay. The Doctor Donna. The most important woman in the universe.

And I ardently love and adore her. I just want her to be happy.

Plus I want to be Catherine Tate when I grow up.

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