Monday, July 9, 2012

All the peoples everywhere.

This should just be a short lil post, unless I start rambling. Which is something that happens alot, but I shall try to restrain myself.

I love when the stats for my blog show that there are viewers from outside the US. It's great. I mean, I don't know how any one stumbles on my blog, I've tried not to share it except with some friends, or overly spam it. But it's amazing knowing there are people who live on almost the other side of the world from me and they're reading my thoughts. It's mind blowing! I'm just a small town girl who lives in one of the least glamorous states EVER, and has a dirty mind and a somewhat juvenile sense of humour. But people still at least look for a tiny bit at what I have to say. It's crazy.

Also, this past week I was at a college in Illinois, and they have a choir called the Orpheus choir. Which seems like a really depressing name for a choir... I mean it's a great name if you want to go down to the underworld to try to bargain with Hades to get your wife back from the dead. The ending isn't very optimistic, but it would be a challenge....

I think I'll try to wrap this up here. With, of course, pick up lines. Part of that great sense of humour, am I right?  No? .....

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