Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Goodly Day for a Blog

I was just sitting here, minding my business, when I thought to myself, today would be an excellent day for a blog! Yuppers. And today, boys and girls, I want to talk about words, actually certain words that are looked down upon. 

Last night, I was talking to my sister and mom. And I had mentioned that I feel better emotionally, (and feel like I'm less of a bitch) when I've spent some time with friends. I had seen Danielle and Danni on Friday, and Saturday, I felt less pissy in general. Maybe it's just me, but I really think it makes a difference. Or maybe I just miss everyone so much...

Anywho, we're talking and my mom says, "What, you can't talk to us? What are we, chopped liver?" Now, I do talk to my family. But I don't bare the deepest darkest corners of my soul to them. I also try not to cuss around them. (Though this one time I said something about some one trying to fuck up around my mom, and I don't think she even heard me.) I don't know about you or your life. I don't. But even though I often cuss, I try to restrain myself around those who think it to be vulgar. Which can be super hard. I personally feel that we should use the words that best fit the situation. And if the proper word is shit, then so be it. (Later on I said something about how something pissed me off, and my mom put her hands over her ears, and went, "lalalalala" as loud as she could)
 So. Somewhere around the beginning of this lovely blog, I have a post that talks about cussing, how I don't believe in not doing something just because people tell me it's wrong. If I am going to restrain from doing something (like cussing), I want it to be because I have a personal conviction that it's wrong. And I honestly don't think that cussing is wrong. My sister said something about, it's okay as long as you use it in the right context! Which is bullshit. I mean, unless we want to make sure every single word we use is in the right context. All or nothing.

Now the point of this blog is not to say that cussing is fucking amazing and we should all do it. No. In fact, that's not even the point I want to make. The point I want to make is that sometimes, those who are against saying shit, fuck, bitch, all those fun swear words, these people almost seem more concerned with someone who says shit, and the fact that the word was said, than more important things. 

One of my professors gave us an example of this. A speaker was talking at some christian assembly/meeting/convention. A prominent speaker. He opened up with a fact, that stated how many kids die each year with out ever getting the chance to know about God. And then he said 'shit'. Which he followed up with, "Most of you are now more horrified that I said shit, than all of those children."

The point, my darling readers, is cussing can be vulgar. It can be. But words and reactions can be even more vulgar. If I had been at this meeting, I wouldn't have even thought twice about him saying shit. I have my own shit I don't got together, I have no place to judge. But the fact that there are children dying. CHILDREN. DYING. Probably of diseases that could be prevented, depending on where they live or don't live. THAT breaks my heart. It breaks my heart so much more than any "naughty" word could ever do.

Honestly, I would rather have people cuss. Really. I think the people who care about such things have become so sensitized to it, that they almost consider it a giant sin. Something to be overcome. But I would rather have people say shit than have them lie, or slander. I would rather them say fuck than have them cheat in their relationship. I would rather them say bitch than have them cut down other people, or hate on other people. There are so many things wrong in our society. I don't think cussing is our biggest concern. You can be rude and vulgar without cussing, by your attitude or how you say your words.

After that fun, lighthearted post, have a pick up line/daily odd comment.

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