Friday, December 23, 2011

Why Must You Call me Scrooge?

   I find it funny, that just because Christmas (the season, the time of year, the music) isn't my favorite, people call me Scrooge. It's even funnier when most these people are also proclaiming about the real Reason for the Season. It's Baby Jesus' birth! If that's the Reason, why do you get disappointed in me for not being the biggest fan of the commercialized holiday?
  I happen to be just fine with warmer weather. I dislike being cold. It's horrible. And I like rain. If it's too cold for rain, it snows. That's two strikes against "white" Christmases and Winter Wonderlands. Plus I dislike the color white. It's just so very white. I prefer color. And so, three strikes!
   And then there's Christmas music. There are very few Christmas songs I actually enjoy. All of them happen to be the non traditional carols. For instance, 30 Days by NeverShoutNever. Or In Like a Lion by Reliant K. Even Justin Beiber's Mistletoe (It's just so catchy.) The rest is mostly trite and overdone. It's the same song, same basic beats, and yet a teensy bit different. Almost like deja vu. Those people who love listening to it year round don't really help improve my feelings about it.
   Now I happen to love stuff. I do. Vaguely materialistic. And it's great when other people buy it for you! But I'm pretty sure that I'd be alright with not getting presents. I'd get over it. It's not the end of the world. Well, maybe for some little children. But, it's not about the presents, the snow, the music. It's not about time off from work, or power shopping. Christmas is about being thankful, and content, and peace on Earth, and all that Jazz. It's about the Doctor Who Christmas special, and being safe from Daleks, and Cybermen. It's about being content about what you have, and not being greedy and demanding some gifts, but if some happen to come your way, a bit more thankfulness. Throw some good will towards men, some time with family/people you love, and there's your Christmas.
   And let us remember what happened to Scrooge. He became a huge lover of the Christmas time. Now, I'm not saying that someday I'll see 3 ghosts and go on journeys to see parts of my life. But I am saying... If you're going to compare me to a fictional character, at least make it one where the character is soundly, all the way through, what you are trying to accuse me of.
Merry Christmas!

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