Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Woooo hhhhooooo

So, I hit 3000 pageviews on my Deviantart. If anyone was wondering.... I was just super excited to see it right at 3ooo. Holy fuckeroli. Guise. I just feel happy right now......

And I just wanted to share that, sssoooooo. Carry on. Or if you want to see my arts, you can click the link above. It's your life. Do want you want. I mean, I'd like it if you wanted to look at some of my work. That's cool.

Also, if anyone wants to buy me premium membership for a month, I want to change my username. Just to abifreeland, prolly, just so it links up with, like, my Twitter, and my Vimeo. Plus, I feel it would look way more professional/legit than purplypanda20. You know?

Pick up line time

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