Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mel's Turnaround :or: My puppet is DONE BABY

Mel Turnaround from Abi Freeland on Vimeo.

I am so proud of her. So. Fucking. Proud. y'all have no idea.

I have a ton of instagram photos of Mel's coming together, which I will prolly make into a collage and put onto my deviantArt soon. If you want to see them before I get to that, my instagram is just abifreeland. If, I dunno, you wanna check that out.

I also post pictures of my cat. If such things interest you.

Fun fact: origanally, I wanted her name to either be Melanie or Roni. But now I now someone who's name is Roni, so her name got defaulted to Melanie. And now Mel. It just fits her somehow, ya feel? But then I did her hair, and about when I was almost done, I realized it was kind of River Song hair. Which, as a giant Doctor Who fan, I flipped out about for a good 20 minutes. And then I realized her name was Mel. Which, as a ginormous Doctor Who fan, also made me flip the fuck out. I mean, that's just cray. It's almost like the plot of Let's Kill Hitler. Again, freaking out here. I planned none of this. For the longest time she was going to have strait long hair, I can show you my concept sketches if you don't believe me.

So, how about a pick up line, and then sometime later this week I'll try to write an actual, legitimate post.

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