Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Little things and a Shout Out to Danielle

Yesterday, I went to the mall with one of my favorite people, and did something that terrified me. It wasn't going to the mall, though that can be anxiety inducing all of itself. I got my nose pierced. And it was terrifying, and I hate needles, and I almost passed out.

And I'm watching The First Time while trying to type this, and it's hard to focus when Dylan O'Brien is being the wonderful adorable person that he is. HOLY FUCK, MY PRECIOUS BABY.

But do you know what a great feeling it is, to have done something that terrifies you? And have gotten through it? MY NOSE HAS BEEN PIERCED. It was crazy, and I hate needles, and I got through it. I overcame, and now I have something that I have wanted for a super long time.

I am so happy Danielle was with me, though. Cause if I had gone with my mom, who was actually hoping I'd chicken out, I prolly would not have gotten it done. And then I would be sad. Danielle is a beautiful human being and one of my favorite people in the history of ever.

And now that I have proclaimed that I have done something that scared the pants off me, and did it anyways, and now I can officially say that, and so back to The First Time. Dylan is so precious.

Some of this has been edited, so I'll just throw in some pick up lines, since I've already changed stuff....

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