Sunday, April 28, 2013

Need moar friends :or: need moar friends who are guys

Well, I'm sure you know what time it is. Spring time! (Though it actually feels like we're not getting spring so much as a fuckton of winter trying to just evolve into summer like a pokémon or something.) And what happens in the spring? Young people's fancy turn to thoughts of love. (Tennyson, yo. I can be classy)

With such an auspicious beginning, you might be wondering, am I starting to fancy some gentlemen? I can give you the answer right now. NOPE. I mean, there are some guys I know who, if something happened to develop there, I wouldn't be completely opposed, you feel me? But there is no one person I look at and think, "Mmmm. Yah. I'd date that. Let me love you."

No, the point of this post is not to confess my undying love, or unrequited fancy for some nameless gent. Actually, it's about how multitudes of other people have come to that point. Which makes it so that most the friends I have who are of the male gender have girlfriends. Here I am, single, with male friends who either have significant others, or are slowly arriving there.

What I'm slowly arriving at here is that I need more friends. Who are guys. Now, I find it difficult to become good friends with people. It's just not easy to start talking to people I don't know well. That's part of the reason I value my friends so much, cause sometimes it just amazes me how I got so blessed to have such fantastic people in my life. But if it's hard for me to talk to people in general, it's about forty percent more difficult to talk to the male populace. Ugh. It's so nerve racking.

So. Any guys out there. Preferably single, as most of the couples around me will prolly start giving me a complex soon. We can be friends, if that's cool. I'll even supply a list of things I think should be known before going into a relationship.

  1. My favorite jedi is Quinlan Vos. Jaina is a close second. (look how obscure my favorite is. You've prolly never heard of him.)
  2. I am obsessed with pretty much all things Alice and Wonderland. You can pretty much make my day by sharing something some how Alice-esque.
  3. My favorite movie is Avengers, and then A Knight's Tale, and 10 Things I Hate about you
  4. I LOVE Doctor Who. Like. Freak out about the episodes, watch them over and over again. Fun fact: I have all the Matt Smith episodes (they were in a bundle/deal type thing), and a bunch of David Tennant and Christorfer Eccleston episodes.
  5. I have 3 unicorn pillowpets (TM), and a unicorn pillowpet (TM) keychain. They were all gifts, and so I value them all. I really want one of the dreamlite (TM) unicorn pillowpets (TM) but I don't want to spend the money on it at this point in my life.
  6. Starkid is asdfjlklj;a;. Precious babies. AND I get to go to a Darren Criss concert, and listen to him sing, and meet him, and it'll be my first concert ever, and I get to fucking MEET DARREN CRISS, and I think hug him, and asdfjlk';'k Guys I don't think you understand how excited I am.
  7. ENFP, yo. Also an otter.
  8. I like going places and doing stuff, but I'm also cool with just hanging out and chilling, ya feel me?
  9. My favorite band is All Time Low
Also, have a list of people I have friend cruches on. Like, I just want to be their frriieeennn, ya feel me?

  1. Carrie Hope Fletcher. She just is so lovely, you know? I just want to go to England, bump into her, and somehow become friends.
  2. Emma Blackery. I dunno, man, she's funny, and I want to be her friend.
  3. Everyone in Starkid. If you love Starkid, you understand.
  4. Dylan O'Brien. I also kind of have a regular crush on him. More of a I think he's attractive, and adorable, and I just want to know him, and hang out with him.
  5. Paloma Faith. It's amazing how many people on here are British..... But they all seem like genuine, lovely people.
  6. Tobuscus. I also have a regular type crush on him. I mostly think he's super attractive. But I'd still be okay with just friends.
  7. All Time Low.
  8. Jennifer Lawerence. If you don't look at J Law, and find yourself wanting to be friens with her, there might be something wrong with you. Maybe.
  9. MeekaKitty/Tessa Violet. Look! Some non British people!
  10. A ton of other Youtubers, but this is getting long
  11. A majority of people in the animation industry.
  12. A bunch of people I see on a daily basis, but am too shy to talk to. People can be scary, man.

So. If you want to be friends, hit me up. I'm also on the twitter, if you want to follow me, or I can follow you, or we can follow each other, and tweet at each other, and it'll be beautiful and nothing will hurt.... Yah. If you want that, you can CLICK HERE. I'm just saying. It could be cool. I mean, just be all, "hey, I wanna be friends," and I'll be all, "yeah man, that sounds awesome and then BUSSOM BUDDIES. Hollah.

Friend pick up lines today, yo:

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