Monday, April 23, 2012

Loving equally.

So last night I was at floor worship. And it was wonderful, and I loved it. One of the girls on the floor was talking about how she doesn't label herself as christian, because she can't understand how people can't love others just because they're gay, or even not as christian-ly as others. I felt the same as her. I've struggled with not knowing, and people just giving Bible verses instead of answers. It made me think. I am not a person strong in my faith. I haven't found a personal connection, my own faith. But I do believe in loving people. Which is actually what christians are called to do/be. We are supposed to be love. And to show love to every one. Not just the nicely dressed white people who always look good, and never seem to have ever doubted their faith, or the black church choir who sends shivers down your back with how good they are at praisin'. Not just our pastors. Not just the people who watch the little kids during the services. Everyone.

How can anyone call themselves Christians, when they're too busy hating on the people they deem as "non-christians". I think it even goes further than christians versus non-christians. I think there are the christians, who see themselves as being at the top. The top of what, I don't know, but it can come of as hoity-toity. Then there are the wishy-washy christians, who fake it well. But they don't always keep it up all the time, and they aren't too worried about it. (I'm prolly in this catagory) Then there are the not christians, but the ones the keep quiet about it all. There are the anti-christians, the people who are so against christians and the church that they want nothing to do with it. Not only do they want nothing to do with it, the bad mouth it all they can. And then, we have the people who "live in sin". Can't "be changed". They're the gay people, the people who are skanks and they like it. The people on drugs, the alcoholics. The ones who are un-apologetically living their lives as they see fit.

And then somewhere there are the legit christians, who actually try to love everyone. They don't always succeed, but they try. They are like Darren Criss, though not all can sing.

I started this a couple days ago, then had to go to class, so I forget where exactly I was going with this. But if you're a christian, please don't be the christian who drives people away by being holier than thou. Be the one who loves the druggies, and the skanks, and those who are gay. Don't immediately write them off. Everyone has value. Everyone needs love. Everyone craves love. And we may not be able to change their minds, their religion, their hearts or their minds. But maybe, just maybe, we'll be the people who make christianity seem appealing. And then someday down the road, they will change their minds/ hearts. And we will have had a part in that. But how can we do anything like that if we're too busy hating and judging?

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