Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Old school love and love letters

I miss the old school love. Even though I've yet to have a love at all, but I still miss it.

In fact, a couple weeks ago, I decided I want letters. Whenever I get a boyfriend, or whatever. The kind of letters you leave around campus where you know the other person will find them. Maybe it's because I love books, and it's the kind of thing that would happen in a book. Something that might happen to Anne Shirley. I want a Gilbert, who will love me, and write me letters. Is that too much to ask?

I don't know why this seems important to me. I do like (as previously mentioned) books. And I like writing stuff, using a pen and paper. And I prefer writing stuff down when trying to get my thoughts out. When I try to just say what I think, my thoughts get jumbled about when they hit my tongue. I also really like vintage esque stuff. Like old keys, tea sets, and pocket watches. Mostly stuff reminiscent of the Victorian era. It's just so lovely. Often it has gorgeous scrolling detail. And letters remind me of that. Hand written. Personal.

I just want someone I can write letters to. They don't have to be overly romantic letters. Or even letters with a distinctive purpose. Just a letter to me, where it'll make me smile. It could be a quick drawing. Anything. As long as I can reply, and make someone else smile.

Unrelated, I'm pretty much done with my freshman year of college. This past week has been super stressful, and I'm so glad it's almost over. I'm going to miss all the people here so much, though. They've become a huge part of my life. I know it just 3 months, but it seems like such a long time, especially after seeing all these people every day. A quarter of a year without all these amazing people. It's so weird and horrible thinking about it. I walk into my friend's rooms, and they have all these boxes, empty walls, barely any stuff. And I've already been super stressed, because of finals, that I might bawl tomorrow when they leave. It might happen.

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