Wednesday, January 2, 2013

So. It's been a while :or: A bucket list

I am horrible at doing this, aren't I? It was easier to update when I was using it to procrastinate. Now I can do what ever I want to, and most of the time it isn't very productive stuff.

Lists of things I've done since school let out last year (I can say last year cause it's now 2013. It all feels so long ago):

  • Re read the first 3 Harry Potter books. SO FUCKING GOOD.
  • Drew a bit. Not an over abundance of drawing, but a bit.
  • Exchanged some presents with some great people. I don't know how I got such amazing friends, but I'm so happy they are in my life
  • Watched the Hobbit. I now fancy Kili/Aidan Turner so much it's ridiculous. It's so ridiculous, that I'm pretty sure I could get rid of a boggart with it.
  • Am attempting to learn how to apply liquid eye liner with out it looking horrible.
  • Also, shout out to Hard Candy, which is one of my favorite makeup brands.
  • Been generally very lazy all around.
This past year has been a really great year. I can't think of anything horrible that's happened to me, I got to spend time with some of the coolest people ever, I'm studying something I adore.

With all of the great things, I don't really know of any resolutions, except for my daily resolution: To only dread one day at a time." I read it in a book somewhere, once, and it's really helped me, cause other wise I over think, and make myself sick. But one day at a time is manageable.

So, since I don't have any particular New Years resolution, I thought I'd share my bucket list. Things that will most likely not happen in this next year, or even relatively soon, but I want to do them before I die. I've never actually written these all out, so if the seem a little sporadic, they might be.

1-  To travel.

I absolutely love seeing new things and going new places. I love those books where you get to explore worlds with the characters, but like Gandalf says, "The world isn't in your books and maps. It's out there." I want to go abroad, and see all the iconic places for myself, and also look around and find all the things that you don't see immediately. The bits that don't always make it into the books and movies. The parts that would be unique to me.

2- To go to an All Time Low concert and a Starkid concert

I have never been to a concert. I mean, once I went to a christen concert with my family and church, but I'm not counting that. I want to go to my favorite band's concert. Perferably sooner than later, I feel like a 55 year old me wouldn't appreciate it as much as a 20 something me.

3- To own and run a small coffee shop

I've talked about this before. I have no clue why I want this, I just really do. I can practically see it in my head. Maybe if I retire rich, or make a lot of money someday, this will be something I can make happen. 

4- To walk around the Louvre

This one may fall under travel, but I have wanted to walk around to Louvre, and see all the art MY ENTIRE LIFE.  Except the mummies. I'd be fine with skipping the mummies. I've always thought, if I could only visit one place in the entire world, I'd want to visit the Louvre.

5- To decorate a small apartment however I want

I have always wanted this. Is that weird? Does anyone else feel that? I just want to be able to have a small apartment, with a kitten or a puppy, and have it all decorated how I want. I see the people in the movies who have those apartments, and I'm jealous of them. I want to have a couch that I found sitting just so in front of a TV, maybe a comfy recliner type chair next to it. A bookcase against a wall, loaded with books. A shelf full of movies. A fish tank somewhere. A little kitchen, filled with pots and pans and plates. A bedroom filled with good lighting, and drawing utensils, and pillows. And mugs. Lots of mugs everywhere. 
Not to mention all the things that remind me of friends. I'm horrible at taking pictures, or wanting to take pictures, so I prolly won't have alot of those around. But the things they've given me will be everywhere.

6- To get a tattoo

I've also talked about this. I still really want a tattoo. A lot. I just want a little something, a little bit of art, that will stay forever. I know people say, tattoos are permanant, why would you want one? But that's part of the allure for me. It's so nice, in this day and age to look at something and say, this will never change. This will stay with me forever. And to be able to have art with you where ever you go? Who doesn't want a reminder of something that makes them happy every where they go?
7- To be happy

I desperately hope, no matter what happens in my life, or where I end up, I will always find a way to make the best of things. If life doesn't turn out well, I want to still be able to say, life is still good. The sun is still shining. And I am still happy. I want to be able to still notice the little things that make life good, the little smiles, the little joys.

Since I'm an animation student, I found this pick up line appropriate.


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