Monday, January 28, 2013

A lil project of mine

Hey y'all, how ya doin?
I just realized, as I was typing up the title, that I'd had my left earbud in for about 20 minutes, and hadn't turned my music back on yet. Aaannnnd there's the sweet sound of the Violet Hour.

Okay, on to my project. I've seen posts about how our vocabulary is slowly dwindling. Slowly, but surely, we are getting complacent with the words we're used to using. We should be adding words and sayings, not easing them out! Or, or, replacing them with words like swag and yolo. (I will admit, I say these words every now and then. It's like a guilty pleasure. But you know what? YOLO)

And so, I propose a project. A project of expanding vernacular. I'm not saying, just looking up SAT words and throwing them around willy-nilly. Ain't nobody got time for that shit. But we have alot of overused words, that might be excellent words, but they just aren't getting the point across like a different word might be able to.

Like good. How are you? I'm good. How was it? It was good. Did you like it? It was good.
Why was it good? What gives it it's goodness? Maybe we could use a different describing word, that would express the goodness, while also saying why we thought it was good. Words like, brilliant, gorgeous, amazing, amazeballs, precious, wonderful.

Let's start a word revolution. Start mixing up what wordage is in your sentences. If we all do a bit here, and a bit there, it will grow on other people, and then they'll rub off on other people, and the idea will spread before the masses even realize what's happening. It'll be like a flashmob of vernacular. (Vernacular is a fun word. I learned it from Shawn Spencer, and it's made an impact in my life since. And it's fun to say.)

Pick up time, what whaaaaatt

Yes pleez

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