Wednesday, September 17, 2014

In defense of Rose Tyler

I have some pretty serious love for Rose Tyler. You have no idea. Like, my senior/junior year of high school I started watching Doctor Who and Rose meant the world to me.

Lets talk about Rose Tyler. She comes in, kind of as a no one. She didn't finish all her schooling, she lives with her mum, she works at a shop. Her mascara is clumpy like the rest of our's. She didn't have perfect makeup, or little hipster-y esque dresses. She was unappologetically Rose. She's not shaped like a model. Her isn't always shiny and ready to softly fall back down around her shoulders.

I don't understand people who want to be the Doctor. He is this sad old man, weighed down by guilt and pain. His companions come along and while they don't make him forget, they make him a bit less sad. These regular people come along, and show him a new way to see the things he has already things. The Doctor can seem magical, but it's the small humans who bring the magic.

"In 900 years of time and space I have never met anyone who is not important."

So back to Rose Tyler, in all her pink and yellow glory. Our nobody. Our everybody. We get to go on this adventure in the TARDIS because Rose is a no one. Rose has no background history with the Doctor, She didn't grow up with the Doctor and fish fingers. She wasn't raised to be an assassin to kill the Doctor. Her past and the Doctor's are completely separate.

Don't get me wrong, I do love Amy and Rory and River and Clara. But their whole existence has been influenced because of the Doctor. Before they are themselves, they are the Doctor's companions. They are harder to relate to, because they come in with this connection to the Doctor. And if you've watched Doctor Who for a while, I guess you too also have this connection.

But we are no bodies. We are the ones who know nothing, who are just along for the ride, and that is so important. So fucking important. In that moment we are the companion that keeps the Doctor human, it's because of us that the wonders of the universe stay awe inspiring.

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