Thursday, November 6, 2014

I should blog more

But I'm don't. Oopsie. I have another blog (this is actually me going to be gushing over my senior project I'm so sorry. Feel free to scroll on, I hate feeling like I'm just pushing things I've done in people's faces, I'm so sorry) I keep blogging to the other blog, and then I'm like, yeah that's good. I don't have any other blogging things to do, I have finished all the blogging I need to do. And it's not true but I fall for it every time.

HOWEVER, speaking of games, my whole senior project is a game which right now is called Project Oriana. (we have a website. and a twitter. and a tumblr. and a facebook. I'm not saying you should like us, but just in case: Facebook! ) And it's so cool because we get to research other games and their process, and all the concept art is gorgeous and building a story and a journey is so intricate and magical. I'm also doing alot of color keys, and color is like my favorite thing in the whole world (except maybe female superheros.)

Games aren't just a way to waste time, it's an interactive story that you get to experience, often first hand. And it's wonderful.

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