Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Quick little rant

This will hopefully be quick, and not turn into a long ramble. Just a little thing that bothers me.

Kay, so you know the term lol? I sort of despise it. As a reaction statement, it's okay, but people throw it in after their sentences, such as, my cat did such and such lol. Or maybe they put a joke and then lol.

No. If your status or tweet or whatnot does not amuse me, adding lol on the end won't change that. If your post is not legitimately funny all by itself, then it's not funny. If it is actually funny, then you don't fucking need lol. I view it as a crutch, like, "I'm not sure how people will recieve my post, or if they'll understand it's funny, so I'll throw lol on the end so they'll get it."

Um. No. If you can't figure out how to phrase something funny so that it conveys the funny, then why are you sharing? You must have found it funny. You got it. All of us out here, we're not terribly dumb. Try it without the lol.

This is more for the people who seem to use it every status and every fucking comment. I mean, I'm sure you and your friends are nerds. I don't see why I need to lol. I don't care that you fucking disagree with me. lol isn't going to soften the blow. If you're worried something you say might offend someone else, then either don't say it, or throw caution to the wind and chop off that lol. Personally, I'll respect you more. If you have the balls to say exactly what you want to say, and then not hide behind a cliche and trite saying, I applaud you.

This has been my rant on lol. I don't know if any one agrees with me, or I'm just getting irrationally pissed off. But I do feel a bit better now.

If only reading my psychology textbook was as exciting. I mean, it is interesting, and I enjoy learning new things. But it's homework, and I have a headache that I just want to sleep off. It's only 9:30, and I want to go to bed. I shall persevere, and power forward. There is my first test this Friday, which I want to do my best on. If that means reading my textbook, then so be it.

Pick up line time!!!

ANNDDDDD have a bonus Lord Disick. I've been sharing my art and shit without adding any extra pictures, or reactions, or pickup lines, and I've missed it. I've also missed hipster jokes. Feel free to share any and all hipster jokes with me.

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