Thursday, March 15, 2012

Time Ticks Stealthily Away...

I am, as you know, in college. A freshman. And I am currently on spring break!!! Such a lovely lovely thing. It's almost over. I haven't really done anything too exciting yet. I've caught up on sleep, worked, and bought some jeans. (wearing them now, actually.) It's been good. Nice and peaceful. I miss people lots, but it hasn't been horrible.

Now, to the blog's point. Or at least the part where I get to the legit post..... Prolly won't get to the actual point for a bit.... 
So, this weekend I'm going to this overnight thing. It's for church volleyball, on Saturday all the teenaged persons in the Nazarene church in Northeastern Indiana shall all come together and display their talents for all to see. So the volleyball team from my old zone is going to sleep in the same place at the same time the night before. It helps with bonding and shit, mostly it means everyone will get there at the same time. No worrying about weather this person or that person going to make it, cause they're already all there! Like lil goslings under the mother goose's wing.....

Just last year, I went to that, and participated. Just last year. It doesn't feel like just last year. It feels both like it was just yesterday, and yet forever ago. I mean, I'm halfway through my current semester, and it seems like we just started yesterday.

Maybe it's because I don't really see the same people all the time anymore. Instead I have all my friends from college. (mostly Film, Animation, Ed, and Art majors.) So it's almost like a different life. I don't miss it that much, I love college, and my major, the people here. I really really do. The main thing I miss is all the time to read, and quizzing. I'd try to really explain quizzing, but it's like a book that you love, that you can never explain well, so you have to sit there and say, "It's actually really cool! I promise!" Mostly it's awesome because of the people in it. I love them all.

So how does the time do it? I know now, so often I'm caught up in deadlines, and just getting everything done by the deadline, it just feels like one long day sometimes. With bits of sleep and seeing people between. But how can something, that will be a year ago on Saturday, how can that seem like a lifetime ago? 

Well, I doubt I'm going to figure that out, especially since it makes my brain hurt just thinking about it. I'm just going to try to put it out of my mind (though it'll prolly come back sometime at night when all I really want is to just fall asleep.) and enjoy this weekend, seeing people I used to know.

I'm going to go find a pickup line to put at the end of this blog, cause they make me happy. brb.
I found one I'd love to use, but it's a Halloween one..... the search continues.
 If I had Captain Jack Sparrow's compass, right now it would be pointing at you. <3

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